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There is no question that celebrity news, whether it pertains to a marriage, the birth of a new child or a divorce, is a hot ticket item. One of the most recent and highly-publicized examples involves the separation and possible impending divorce between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. According to news sources, while Patton is the one who originated the separation and is the one who is actively pursuing the divorce, Thicke is doing his best to prevent divorce papers from being filed with the court. There are a number of questions that have been brought forth as a result of this news including what will happen to the couple's young son, how will assets and property be divided due to the fact that there was no prenuptial agreement in place, and which party if either will pursue alimony?

Divorce is an extremely private matter between two individuals. Why a couple decides to get divorced and the terms of their divorce settlement agreement is something that they should be allowed to keep between themselves and their lawyers. At Cairns Law Offices, we understand how extremely stressful and frustrating a separation or divorce can be for a couple, particularly when there are children from the marriage. It does not matter whether you are in a high-profile marriage, there are a lot of assets and property at stake or you expect your divorce will be relatively simple.

Having an experienced divorce lawyer advocating on your behalf will greatly improve your chances of obtaining the positive outcome you seek. Our firm represents all types of divorce cases and we are broadly-known for the uncontested divorce services we offer. All of the cases we represent are kept confidential and you will never have to worry about seeing your divorce published online or in the local newspaper. In this digital age, we understand the importance and expectation that these types of services can be provided quickly and will require little to no significant expense. We have our own unique system called The Divorce Wizard which allows us to streamline the divorce process to meet our clients' needs. To find out more about the services we offer, we advise you take advantage of our free initial consultation. Call a Pennsylvania uncontested divorce lawyer at our firm now.

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