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Pennsylvannia's Original eDivorce℠ Lawyer


Divorce can happen to any couple regardless of their financial stature, age, length of time spent together or any other consideration. When divorce does happen, it is important that you have a skilled attorney advocating on your behalf. Obtaining legal representation will improve the chances that you will be able to quickly recover from your divorce and move on with your life.

Case in point is 74-year-old comedian John Cleese. Cleese is currently on his fourth marriage after his 3rd marriage came to an official end back in December 2008. As Cleese has passed retirement age, you would think that he would be enjoying life with his new wife. Financially, that is not the case. One of the terms of his divorce settlement was that Cleese pay his 3rd ex-wife $13 million in case and assets up front, then continue to pay her close to $1 million a year until 2016. To be able to afford making alimony payments to his ex, Cleese has been forced to go back to work. As he aptly named it a few years ago, Cleese is on his "Alimony Tour" earning the money to fulfill the terms of his divorce settlement agreement by doing what he does best.

Filing for divorce can be a very costly, time-consuming and stressful period in a person's life. Keeping a marriage together after it has long since fallen apart is pointless. If you are considering filing for divorce, we strongly advise you hire a Pennsylvania uncontested divorce attorney from Cairns Law Offices right away. We are Pennsylvania's original eDivorce℠ attorneys and we understand the importance of having a clear, concise and fair settlement agreement prepared with your best interests in mind. Our lead attorney has first-hand experience with the costs and complications that can arise from a divorce and we work diligently to help our clients resolve their divorce-related issues without any unnecessary delays or excess expense.

At our firm, you will receive the professional service, legal know-how and hard-hitting legal representation you may expect from a large law firm without the corresponding expense. For close to 20 years our firm has been helping guide clients through the divorce process so that they can honestly move on after their divorce and begin rebuilding their lives. If you are considering filing for divorce, we are here to aggressively advocate on your behalf. Contact our offices right away so that you can speak with an uncontested divorce attorney about your impending divorce and find out the legal options available to you.

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