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Pennsylvannia's Original eDivorce℠ Lawyer


For most people, the idea of divorce is daunting. Not only does it involve touchy subjects such as custody or property division, but it can take months or sometimes years! If your marriage is falling apart, you are probably asking yourself "Is there any way to get a quick no-fault divorce?" Fortunately for you, the answer is "Yes!"

At Cairns Law Offices, we focus on fast uncontested divorces. We know exactly what your case needs in order for you to get a divorce in as little as 30 days. We also charge a fee of $209 so that you always know exactly what it will cost you to file for divorce! Any additional fees will be quoted to you up front. Follow the steps below to get a divorce as quickly as possible.

1. Use the Divorce Wizard

Cairns Law Offices has an online Divorce Wizard that is FREE and requires no obligation to use our services. The Divorce Wizard helps to answer your questions and to help you determine whether or not your situation qualifies for a quick, uncontested divorce.

2. Make Sure You're in the Right Location

When it comes to getting a divorce, location matters. Some courts are faster than others, but you must also file in the county in which you and/or your spouse resides. One of you must also have lived in Pennsylvania for at least six months. The Divorce Wizard or one of our team members can help you decide which court is best for your case.

3. Serve Your Spouse As Quickly As Possible

Many divorces are delayed because the other spouse is not served the divorce papers quickly. At Cairns Law Offices, we will serve your spouse the divorce paperwork for free!

4. Trust Our eDivorce℠ Lawyers

One of the main ways in which we are able to expedite uncontested divorces is by offering our full services online. By using our services to file for divorce, you will never have to visit our offices! We can speak with you over the phone and help you step-by-step through our comprehensive eDivorce℠ process.

5. Get Started Now!

The sooner you get started with your divorce, the sooner we can help you complete it! Use our FREE Divorce Wizard today and speak with us as soon as possible to learn how we can help you get a quick Pennsylvania uncontested divorce. Call now at (888) 863-9115 to learn more!

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