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How we look at divorce and the laws that define it is always changing. Recently we have seen a lot of change to what marriage looks like and who is able to pursue it. There have also been many changes to divorce and one lawmaker is looking to further this change. A measure was proposed in Utah which would require a mandatory course be taken in order for a couple to file for divorce. Utah is already known by many to have stricter laws compared to the rest of the nation, but this law would make their divorce laws even stricter.

Currently parents who are filing will need to take a class where they are informed about the impact of a divorce. All residents who are filing will also need to wait at least 90 days for the divorce to be made final. If the measure is passed, parents with a child younger than 18 years old would need to take the class; the main parent filing would need to take it prior to filing and the other would need to take it within 30 days from when the petition is filed. In spite of the mandatory classes that already do exist in the state, there have been a high number of divorces since no fault divorces were allowed in the state.

Some worry that requiring the new classes would turn people away from filing after they have finally built up the nerve to move forward with their case. It is expected that if the bill is passed through, there would be a court challenge by those opposing it. Going through a divorce can be a complex process, but with the assistance of a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer it may be possible to find a faster and simpler solution.

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