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<p>If you are in the middle of or have recently gotten a divorce, facing the first Christmas alone can be extremely difficult. While many other forms of loss come with an outpouring of support, a divorce can oftentimes leave you alone and reaching out to others. This holiday, Cairns Law Offices is providing some last-minute tips for you to navigate the holiday season the best you can.</p> <h2>Take Time For You This Holiday</h2> <p>It can be really easy to believe that you are alone the first holiday after divorce. There are so many other families in your same situation! The most important thing you can do for yourself is to follow some advice from others who have gotten through their post-divorce Christmas.</p> <ol> <li>Have a team of family and loved ones on call if you experience overwhelming emotion</li> <li>Remember that the holidays will pass</li> <li>Go out and have fun with people instead of staying inside all the time</li> <li>Recognize that it may be hard and may not be like other holidays</li> <li>Avoid drugs and alcohol to decrease the likelihood of depression</li> <li>Don&#39;t put up Christmas decorations if it will cause pain and suffering</li> <li>Take a walk or go to the gym to relieve stress and depression</li> <li>Get Vitamin D to help boost your overall mood</li> <li>Set boundaries to help you cope</li> </ol> <p>The first Christmas holidays that you have to spend on your own should be time spent to help yourself heal. There will be a lot to process, whether it is general emotion or spending the first Christmas away from the children. Giving yourself the space needed to move forward is not only therapeutic, but should be actively encouraged.</p>
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