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Some of the best outcomes of divorce come from couples that seek to do so collaboratively. A collaborative divorce is one where the couple works out the details of their separation without the need for the court. While a lawyer must be used to ensure the legality of the process, a couple that separates collaboratively has full control over how their property, assets, and debts will be separated, as well as how custody of their children will be split.

Why should I consider a collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce allows a couple to divorce more quickly than in court, as extensive time battling it out can drag on, and as a result is significantly cheaper. Additionally, there are some methods available for those seeking to divorce amicably to do so online.

Getting a divorce online and working with an attorney for a limited period of time removes some of the most common gripes people have with their divorce lawyers:

  • Talking down to them since they do not have a detailed understanding of the law
  • Not taking the time to answer questions in a rapid manner
  • Breaking promises and not keeping their word in regards to contacting their client
  • Not giving the client updates on the status of their divorce
  • Dropping projects on the client and getting aggressive if they miss a deadline
  • Treating clients like they are crazy

Why go through the process of dealing with an attorney for an extended divorce when you have the option for a quick, easy, and cheap collaborative divorce? While online divorce can still mean that you work with a lawyer, it is for a significantly less amount of time and dedicated to property division and other legal concerns.

If a quick, easy, and cheap collaborative divorce sounds good to you, contact Cairns Law Offices. Serving all of Pennsylvania, our firm can process an online divorce case in as little as $299. Call for a free consultation and learn if our services are right for you!

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