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On the last day of 2012 Nicole Jones, wife of Andruw Jones (former Atlanta Braves star) filed for divorce. Apparently a cocktail of holiday stress and domestic violence was the impetus for Mrs. Jones to call it quits on her marriage. A week after the battery arrest of Andruw Jones, he finds his marriage coming to an end.

After ten years of marriage,Mrs. Jones states that their marriage is irretrievably broken. Records show that a Christmas fight broke out as the couple was getting ready for Christmas morning. Mr. Jones was allegedly intoxicated and dragged his wife down the stairs by her ankle. It was reported that he then got on top of her and stated he wanted to kill her. Police have photographic evidence of injuries on Mrs. Jones' neck. Additional reports state that Mr. Jones also dragged her across the garage floor.

Police officers report that when they arrived at the Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, Jones' residence, they found Mr. Jones passed out and confused about the alleged prior events. The divorce filing does not mention the alleged attack or arrest.

Mrs. Jones appears to be ready to battle out her divorce. She has requested that her prenuptial agreement be dissolved due to domestic violence. In addition, she is requesting primary custody of their nine year old son – though she is willing to have a joint legal agreement. At the moment the other two divorce items she is seeking are alimony and half of the property. At this time there has been no legal representative reported for Mr. Jones.

Attorney John C. Mayoue, an Atlanta based family law attorney, will be representing Mrs. Jones. He has been listed as one of the top ten attorneys in Georgia and as one of Georgia's legal leaders by James Magazine.

Unlike Chad Johnson who had his contract terminated by the Dolphins; Japan's Pacific League appears that they will continue to uphold the new 3.5 million dollar one year contract with Andruw Jones. Yozo Tachibana stated he had received information about the domestic fight, but plans to go ahead with the contract unless there are "…more big surprises…". Tachibana has been criticized for the statement which can imply what already happened was not big.

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