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On August 11th news broke out of National Football League player Chad Javon Johnson, former last name Ochocinco, and Evelyn Lozada's domestic battery charge. Their two month marriage ended up in their divorce being finalized this month by a Florida judge. A moment of bad judgment and uncontrolled anger has now marked the NFL wide receiver for life.

Two days after the alleged incident, Lozada promptly filed for divorce. Lozada ended up having eleven stitches from the head-butt she received from Johnson. It was reported that Lozada found a receipt for condoms in Johnson's car which led to an argument and then physical violence. Johnson has a reputation for being a lady's man, and a mistress was spotted in the marital home before Lozada had an opportunity to remove her personal belongings.

Before the reported night with one of his mistresses, Johnson tried to convince Lozada to return to the relationship. One weekend in Miami he was found wearing a T-shirt saying I just want to love you. When he realized that the effect wasn't working he tattooed her profile on to the calf of his leg. Instead of conveying a message of profound love the general public interpreted it as being creepy. Bianca Zuluaga, the alleged mistress of the night in question, seems to be trying to secure her position with Johnson and sent out Tweets implying the confirmation of their sexual relationship.

Since August 11th Johnson has found himself in a downward spiral. The reality show Ev and Ocho, staring the couple, was promptly cancelled by VH1; the show was scheduled to air at the beginning of the month. Ev and Ocho consisted of eleven episodes of the couple's engagement and wedding. In addition, the next day after the incident Johnson was notified that his contract with the Dolphins was terminated. The football wide receiver is now a free agent.

Lozada has successfully changed her own image from the show Basketball Wives. Formerly she was a woman people loved to hate. After the airing of a two part series Fix My Life, on OWN – Oprah Winfery's Network, viewers connected with her anger and fears. The record audience gave OWN the best ratings since it debuted in 2011.

Lozada sent a clear message that it's not right to tolerate dysfunctional relationships. By sharing her vulnerability she demonstrated that women, regardless of their status, continue to be survivors of abusive relationships. She stated that although she had internal wounds the visible wound was the deal breaker.

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