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Hindsight is not everything. This blog will help you get some foresight during your uncontested divorce. Here's our list of top mistakes men make during their uncontested divorce.

Being Passive

You may be walking around in a state of shock, especially if your wife asked for the divorce. If you linger in this state too long you risk coming away with an undesirable marital settlement agreement. Start looking at your finances and make an action plan.

Drinking Excessively

Uncontrolled drinking around your spouse sets you up for an explosive and expensive divorce. Don't throw everything away because of the bad judgment of one night. If you need to blow off some steam, visit a friend, go to the gym or talk to a therapist.

Talk With Discretion

Our society often equates excessive talking with women, but men are just as guilty. Be careful of you who you talk with- don't tell your mutual friends about the details of your uncontested divorce if you think they will tell your spouse. This only leads to bigger problems. There will be plenty of time to tell them once the divorce decree is final. Remember the saying "Loose Lips Sink Ships". Don't become a victim of your own verbal indiscretion.


Get your guns out of the house, even if they are locked up and the ammunition is stored separately. The last thing you want to deal with is an incident involving guns. Be smart now and not sorry later.

Hiding Money

If you decide to hide money, you take a big risk of turning your uncontested divorce into an expensive contested divorce. There are lot of techniques for finding money that weren't available a few years ago, such as forensic accountants. Forensic accountant's are paid to find out where your money went.

Refrain from Sex

A word to the wise, refrain from having sex with your spouse. Do you really want a moment of fun to turn into eighteen years of child support?

Household Items

Don't give your wife everything in the house. The items you have in your home can add up to some big bucks. Start thinking about just the electronics – computer, flat screen TV, and sound system. Now add in the furniture and all those gadgets in the kitchen. Plus, it's inconvenient replace all of the property that you gave to her. Dividing the items fairly minimizes the hassle.


Just because your spouse got the car or the house doesn't mean you are no longer financially responsible for them. If your name is on the loan for any jointly owned property, you are financially liable. Make sure to have your spouse refinance property that you are giving to her, if possible.

Leaving the House

It's often expected that the male will leave the house during a divorce. You do have a right to be in your home as long as you don't give your wife a reason to get a restraining order. Just a verbal threat, even if you didn't mean it, can get you kicked out of the home.

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