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When going through an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce it's easy to feel that you are the only one experiencing a unique set of problems or challenges. Sometimes it may be difficult to find someone to share how you are feeling or what you are experiencing. If you are looking for emotional comfort or need a quick pick-me-up you may want to consider watching some of the television shows or sitcoms that have been written about divorced people and their sometimes painfully funny situations.

Happily Divorced ranks high in bringing out the awkward yet funny moments in post divorce life. Fran Dresher who not only stars in the show, but also co-wrote the pilot, based her writings on her real life experience with her ex-husband (Peter Marc Jacobson). The show is based on Dresher learning that after eighteen years of marriage her husband is gay.

Dresher divorces her husband after he comes out, but there is a twist to the ending of the marriage. The couple needs to continue to live together because of the poor economy. As Dresher heads back into the dating pool her new heartbreaks and search for a new partner in life have viewers identifying with the struggles of post divorce life through a comical lens.

The Exes is a divorce comedy which begins when a divorce attorney, Kristen Johnston, introduces a third client to two former clients as their new roommate. Johnston, who lives across the hall from the apartment she is renting to the three men, has a comical approach to being their mother hen in the men's post divorce life. As the episodes progress, the men realize the issues they encounter with each other are the same issues they faced in their marriages.

Other People's Kids is about a free-spirited man, Jesse Bradford, who suddenly finds himself falling in love with a woman with many attachments. Theses new familial connections not only include her two kids, but also her ex husband and the former in-laws. The executive producers for the show are Peter Traugott and Stacy Traub.

If you are looking for something dramatic and truer to life you may want to check out Divorce Court. The half-hour segment is an arbitration based reality show. Couples who have filed for divorce argue their case, often dealing with issues of betrayal, in front of a judge whose decision is legally binding.

The judge may rule in favor of one party or withhold a decision to give the couple an opportunity to reconcile. Some of the issues tackled on the show include division of assets and alimony. Snippets of Divorce Court can be found on YouTube.

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