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Is My Spouse Gay & Can We Get An Uncontested Divorce?

With our continuously changing culture new issues have come up in uncontested divorces. One of these issues is learning that your spouse is gay. You may be trying to figure out if your spouse fits the profile of possibly being gay. Below are some signs. Remember, some gay spouses do not exhibit these traits. Also, note that many gay spouses are very respectful to their husband/wife and live in very loving relationships, even though they married to a straight partner.

Alcohol Abuse

Some spouses abuse alcohol or excessively self-medicate in order to escape the reality of being gay and married to a straight person. During their period of intoxication s/he may appear to be someone else. This can include an abusive personality, impotency and extreme mood changes.


Does your spouse take unusual pride in stating other gay people complimenting his/her appearances? Is your husband overly fanatic about his gym workouts, yet has no interest in sports? Does your husband spend more time in the bathroom than you do? Is your husband overly attentive to the brands he uses i.e., shampoo, facial products and body washes? Where and how does your spouse shop for clothing? What type of clothes does your spouse wear? For males, look to see if there clothes are overly tight and adhering to the latest fashion trends.


Is your spouse's best friend gay? Does your spouse spend considerable time in gay bars? Some spouses will say they are there because their friends are gay, not them. Who are the people in his/her social circles? Take a look at his/her Facebook page and other social media circles like Google +. Does your spouse seem to have numerous young friends of the same sex?


Is your spouse watching a considerable amount of pornography? Has your spouse been asking you to participate in kinky sex? This can include role-playing, sodomy and sex toys. Is your spouse turned off by your genital area? Did your sex life taken a nose-dive right after your marriage?

Other questions to consider:

  1. What is his/her favorite movie?
  2. What is his/her favorite musical group?
  3. How often do you have sex with your spouse?
  4. What percentage of his/her friends are gay?
  5. Does your spouse dress up like the opposite sex?
  6. What are your spouse's internet habits?

If you find that your answers to these questions cause concern we suggest that you find a professional to fully analyze your situation. Each marriage is unique and would benefit by the help of a professional in this type of matter.

Once you have assurance that you are in a gay marriage you can still have an uncontested divorce An uncontested divorce allows you and your gay spouse to find the quickest and cheapest dissolution to your marriage with the help of a professional attorney. There is no need to have a dramatic battle in court when a more amicable divorce will allow you both to move on quicker with your lives.

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