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Your marriage isn't going well and you are starting to feel that your spouse is seriously considering an uncontested divorce There are red flags that have been waiving in front of your face, yet you have been hanging in there. Here are some signs that spouse's who are getting ready to leave often display.

Lack of resolution

The fights go on and on with no end. You feel like you are stuck in a bad soap opera with the same problems cropping up over and over. These fights are different because they have no resolution. It seems that no solution or common ground can be found. After a while even those with the strongest of characters get weighed down.

Phone Calls

Your spouse is not taking all of his/her calls in front of you. It could be twenty below and your spouse is outside taking calls. This normally tends to be one of two things. Your spouse has a lover, or your spouse is talking about you behind your back.


You no longer feel like you can do anything right in your spouse's eyes. Disdain now seems to replace the love s/he had. Remarks, criticisms, and downright derogatory remarks about you seem to persist. Some spouse's are oblivious to whether they have an audience and some enjoy publicly degrading their husband/wife.

Financial Activity

Is your joint account suddenly dwindling? Spouses on their way to a divorce have also been known to take out significant sums against joint lines of credit. This would help him/her foot the bill in a post-divorce life and possibly leave you scrounging for money that you both may have to pay back. Have you noticed your spouse cutting back on the amount of credit available to you as a couple? You might want to call your credit card companies and see what your credit limits are. Has your spouse suddenly developed a gambling problem? This is a tactic used to hide monies in a marriage. Have you had a recent sum of money come into your marriage? Look at the way your spouse wants to spend the money. Is the person's decision based on what is best for the married couple or in his/her best interest should you split and divorce? Be leery if your spouse is asking you to sign papers stating that incoming money is a loan or a repayment.


Is your spouse spending more and more time away from you? The excuses can be anything from work related activities, such as travel, to spending more time at his/her parents or other family members. Are activities replacing time that you and your spouse would normally spend together?

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