Grey Divorce on the Rise - Baby Boomers Divorcing

In the last past two decades "grey divorces" have risen. What is a "grey divorce", you ask? It is a divorce between people age 50 and above, and they have doubled in number. Surprisingly, for people sixty-five and over, the possibility of divorce actually quadrupled (that's 4 times as many). These are normally long term marriages which have spanned from twenty to thirty years or more.

As recent as twenty years ago divorce was still viewed as a taboo subject in many circles. Since then, our culture has shown many changes. One such change is that divorce is now an accepted part of everyday life, even for your parents and grandparents. In fact, some are celebrating their divorces by having a party, ceremonies and even blogging.

Empty nesters are finding that they have accomplished their goals of creating a home, raising a family and sending their kids off to college and a career. These couples comprised the first generation in our nation to enter marriage for fulfillment, and that included self-fulfillment. No longer being shamed for being divorced has helped many file their cases - often putting their own well being at the top of their personal list.

Women tend to be the ones initiating the grey divorces. In fact, 70% of grey filers are women filing for divorce. They no longer feel that their marriage is giving them what the need, both physically and emotionally. Baby boomers are no longer willing to compromise their needs for the sake of a marriage. Also, with women being more financially secure and successful, the traditional model of marriage is no longer a monetary foundation which is depended on by many females.

In addition, many women married when they were young. They had not fully defined themselves, and were more willing to mold themselves to the needs of their husbands and families. As these women have matured they have defined themselves and have become less tolerant of spousal behaviors, which include infidelity, alcoholism and abuse. If the current trend continues, by the year 2030 numbers could easily reach up to 800,000 divorces a year.

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