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Going through a military divorce is painful. You are not alone, last year military divorces hit an all time high since 1999.

There are a lot of reasons military divorces continue to increase. Causes for divorce stem from years of deployment to increased war time activities, both in preparation and actual combat duty time. This leads to intimate relationships being tested and often ending in divorce. In addition, military personnel that have returned from wars are adjusting to a family they have been away from for an extended amount of time. Roles at home are redefined and also new issues come into the picture, such as physical and emotional wounds from war.

The U.S. Army does offer an intervention program, Strong Bonds, and the demand for services has steadily increased over the last ten years. Strong Bonds is a chaplain-led program available to army soliders which offers relationship education. The program is not just for couples, but also does have family programs available.

Yet, the sad reality is that often couples and families have grown apart during the military spouse's absence. The Pentagon reported last year that 30,000 military marriages ended in divorce.

Once you have made the decision to obtain an uncontested military divorce, here are some questions to ask your potential attorney:

  1. What is your approach when handling divorce cases?
  2. How much experience does he or she have handling military divorces?
  3. Who else will be working on my case?
  4. What is your hourly rate or total fee? How much will the entire divorce costs, including additional filings for a military divorce?
  5. How will you communicate with me during the case?

When going through a military divorce an experienced lawyer can make all the difference. Military divorce is unique and has specific procedures which must be taken to address additional legal issues.

Attorney James Cairns concentrates in military divorces. Give him a call at 888.863.9115 (without any obligation) or send and email and learn more details about military divorce.

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