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On the lighter side of divorce, even turtles after having said "I do" (115 years ago) decide it's time for a divorce. In Austria's zoo two giant turtles have had enough of each other. Bibi, the female turtle, decided enough was enough and bit off a big chunk of Poldi's shell. She didn't stop with that either, she continued attacking Poldi until zookeepers were forced to move him for his own safety.

As with any couple they have had their shares of ups and downs. Previously they lived a content life in Switzerland at the Basel Zoo. Since birth, back in 1897, they have been together. This couple has survived World War I and II, and even the cold war.

Poor Bibi was even suspected of having lost her mind. After a series of tests Bibi was found to have her full faculties in order. Zookeepers at the Happ Reptile Zoo tried everything they could think of to keep the couple together. Tactics included: aphrodisiacs, talking to them, trying to get the turtles to engage and even games. Another attempt was made when the staff created a model Poldi, out of stone and flour, sprayed it with Poldi's pheromones and placed it in Bibi's quarters. Bibi refused to acknowledge the model. Not even the experts brought in could save this marriage.

At this point the staff at the zoo has come to realize the turtles just can't stand each other anymore. Though these giant turtles don't have teeth, Bibi made use of her powerful jaws to send a clear message. She wants her own space and wants to be on her own.

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