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Recent Posts in In the News Category

  • Two Years is Too Long for Pennsylvania Divorce

    || 14-Dec-2015

    Reinforcing the stability of marriage while minimizing the impact of divorce should be the ultimate goal of divorce law in Pennsylvania. That was the intention of the state's lawmakers, but sadly, that was not the result. Under current state law, divorcing couples must wait a mandatory two-year waiting period to obtain a no-fault divorce. Instead of giving couples the time to "think it ...
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  • PA Divorces Need Shorter Waiting Period

    || 16-Nov-2015

    Even the friendlier divorces can be painful and exhausting, and they can affect you physically. From sleepless nights, to anxiety, grief, and everything in between, divorce isn't for the faint at heart. Further adding to the trauma, Pennsylvania divorces take longer than many other states. Now, the Pennsylvania legislature is faced with the possibility of shortening the time that it takes to ...
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  • House Bill 380 Would Reduce Divorce Waiting Period in PA

    || 19-Oct-2015

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Pennsylvania lawmaker believes that Pennsylvania's two-year waiting period for no-fault divorce is too long, and there are many divorce attorneys and Pennsylvania residents that agree. Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) is sponsoring legislation that would reduce the waiting period for couples seeking a no-fault divorce. According to Toohil, her proposal, House Bill 380 ...
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  • How Ashley Madison Membership Affects PA Divorces

    || 14-Sep-2015

    Ashley Madison, the controversial adultery website based in Canada has gained international attention in recent months after hackers released customer data, including names and home addresses of some 39 million users. The site known for its slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair" is not only the subject of a class action lawsuit requesting $578 million in damages, it's the sight that ...
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  • Pope Francis Radically Revises Annulment Process

    || 8-Sep-2015

    On Tuesday, Pope Francis made some sweeping changes to the process by which Catholics annul their marriages, thereby streamlining the process which church members considered too lengthy and expensive. Francis' move is the latest in a series of reforms aimed at making the Catholic Church more accommodating to its parishioners. Without annulments, Catholics who remarried would not be allowed to ...
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  • New Research Reveals Why More Women File for Divorce

    || 31-Aug-2015

    A new study reveals why more women initiate divorce than men, and it's probably not what you think. It doesn't have to do with infidelity, domestic violence, or being disconnected from one's partner because of social media addictions, it has to do with something closer to home. For most of American history, marriage was not the example of equality. Wives shouldered the childcare and ...
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