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Blog Posts in July, 2019

  • Parenting Before & During Divorce

    || 29-Jul-2019

    Are you a parent who is having marital problems and now divorce is on the horizon? If so, not only do you have to deal with the court process, but you have to deal with your own emotions and your children’s emotions. It’s hard enough dealing with your own emotions, but having to help your children through a divorce takes things to a whole other level. Each family’s situation is ...
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  • PA Divorce: Do I Need a Lawyer?

    || 22-Jul-2019

    If you’re headed toward divorce, you may be wondering if you really need an attorney, especially if you’re having a friendly or “amicable divorce.” You may also be wondering if a divorce lawyer is necessary if you have no real assets or if you don’t have any children. Even if you expect a relatively easy divorce, it’s still important to have a lawyer represent ...
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  • What if I Ignore the Divorce Complaint?

    || 15-Jul-2019

    Sometimes, when a spouse files for divorce, their husband or wife ignore the divorce complaint. Meaning, they do nothing. Why would someone do nothing? There are different reasons: The individual may not want a divorce, or they may be so busy working, they don’t want to take the time to address it. Or, they may be overwhelmed by the thought of divorce and just can’t deal with it ...
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  • Divorce: Who Keeps Our Friends?

    || 8-Jul-2019

    For a lot of splitting couples, it feels like they’re not only divorcing themselves, but they’re divorcing their friends too. Is this normal and to be expected? Do friends have to take sides? Do a couple’s friends have to choose one spouse over the other? In the absence of domestic violence, it is not necessary for couples to lose their friends over the divorce. Of course, there ...
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  • How to Have a Healthy Divorce

    || 1-Jul-2019

    No one gets married expecting their marriage to break down. Still, about half of all first marriages do end in divorce. If you’re going through a separation and a divorce, realize these are extremely emotional events, but it is possible to achieve a healthy divorce. When a marriage ends, it usually means a flood of emotions, such as grief, anger, anxiety, and fear. If you’re being ...
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