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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • Financial Considerations in a Divorce

    || 23-Sep-2014

    A huge issue for divorcing couples is understanding how their financial needs will change after a divorce. One spouse may even be unaware of the family's financial situation since they were not in charge of bills or bank accounts. Couple Must Talk Finances Undergoing a divorce means that a couple needs to have an honest conversation about their finances. As part of a settlement, there are a ...
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  • Why a Pre-Pup for Your Animal Might Be Important

    || 17-Sep-2014

    As more Americans become pet owners, an emerging trend for divorcing couples has been legal documentation concerning what will happen to pets involved in the relationship should the couple split. Called a Pre-Pup, this document details what will happen to a pet in the event that the people who own it get divorced. Pre-Pup Agreements A Pre-Pup can address: Primary pet ownership Pet visitation ...
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  • Chinese City Limits Divorces to 15 a Day

    || 11-Sep-2014

    If our firm was to follow the same rules that a Chinese city has recently enacted, obtaining a divorce would be a lot more complicated and take much longer than our internet-based divorce service. Fortunately, we offer a much different level of service as The Cairns Law Firm. Is limiting divorces even legal? Xian has set the daily limit on divorce registrations at 15 couples. However, Xian is home ...
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  • Grandparent Custody in Pennsylvania

    || 3-Sep-2014

    Grandparents that have raised a grandchild since birth may want to assert their custody rights after a divorce. The court will handle custody rights of grandparents in a similar way to those of parents, by determining what will be in the best interest of the child involved. If you are a grandparent and have not seen your grandchild due to a divorce, you may also be able to assert your rights. ...
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