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Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, Yet Another High-Profile Divorce Case

    || 31-Mar-2014

    There is no question that celebrity news, whether it pertains to a marriage, the birth of a new child or a divorce, is a hot ticket item. One of the most recent and highly-publicized examples involves the separation and possible impending divorce between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. According to news sources, while Patton is the one who originated the separation and is the one who is actively ...
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  • John Cleese Is Working Hard Just to Keep Up with Alimony Payments

    || 28-Mar-2014

    Divorce can happen to any couple regardless of their financial stature, age, length of time spent together or any other consideration. When divorce does happen, it is important that you have a skilled attorney advocating on your behalf. Obtaining legal representation will improve the chances that you will be able to quickly recover from your divorce and move on with your life. Case in point is ...
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  • How to Rebuild Your Life and Self Esteem After a Divorce

    || 19-Mar-2014

    If you are recently divorced, you may be wondering how to go about rebuilding your life and regaining your self-esteem after going through such a stressful and difficult time in your life. Our lawyers understand the impact a divorce can have on an individual's life. How long you were married, what caused the marriage to fall apart, whose "fault" it was and other such issues do not ...
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  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. A good law firm will have plenty of them. In Pennsylvania, there are plenty of simple, no-fault, uncontested divorce lawyers. A reputable lawyer has nothing to hide. In fact, the right divorce lawyer wants you to know all about the way they do business and how satisfied their clients have been. Hiring the right law firm makes for an easy, affordable, and fast uncontested ...
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  • If I File for Bankruptcy, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

    || 10-Mar-2014

    There are certain types of debts that are not eligible for discharge through bankruptcy. Child support is one of those debts. Congress has dictated that child support be classified as a priority debt, which means that it takes precedence over other types of financial obligations. Child support payment agreements cannot be renegotiated or modified through the bankruptcy process. It does not matter ...
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