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Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • Billy Ray Cyrus Divorces Tish Cyrus

    || 25-Jun-2013

    After nineteen years of marriage, headlines across the globe are reporting of Billy Ray Cyrus' looming divorce. Tish Cyrus has filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. This divorce has the potential of becoming a full blown out contested divorce. Tish Cyrus has asked for full legal and physical custody of their youngest child, Noah. ...
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  • Jane Lynch and Lara Embry Divorce

    || 18-Jun-2013

    There have been several highlighted celebrity uncontested divorces this year and Jane Lynch and Dr. Lara Embry have recently been added to the list. The news has brought a lot of sympathy from the general public. Both Lynch and Embry have asked for their divorce to be kept private. It seems that they will have an amicable uncontested divorce. Embry and Lynch have stated their disappointment and ...
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  • Children's Bedtime Stories and Uncontested Divorce

    || 11-Jun-2013

    During an uncontested divorce, family roles change as the marriage transforms into divorce. Children can be hard hit with a parent who was present during bedtime and now lives away from the kids. Anxiety levels in children can increase during this time as they realize the absent parent is not there to read them a bedtime story and tuck them in for the night. Technology is making it possible for ...
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  • Vladamir Putin Divorces Lyudmila

    || 4-Jun-2013

    Uncontested divorce affects all levels of society and most recently another world leader joins the ranks of a failed marriage by getting a divorce. The almost thirty year marriage of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and his wife Lyudmila has come to an end – validating rumors of their marital split. Both parties claim to want an amicable divorce and that they will remain close. ...
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