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Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Can My Spouse Change Our Uncontested Divorce to Contested?

    || 31-Aug-2012

    Clients have asked if their uncontested divorce can become contested. The answer is that your spouse can always contest your Pennsylvania divorce until the court has granted a divorce decree. A change from a simple, no-fualt, uncontested divorce to a contested divorce tends to happen when emotions are flaring or a spouse feels she or he did not receive fair treatment when working out the martial ...
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  • Can I Get An Uncontested Pennsylvania Divorce?

    || 30-Aug-2012

    Soon to be divorced couples often ask how do they know if they can get a simple, uncontested, no-fault Pennsylvania uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is appropriate when both parties have decided that they can work together to dissolve their marriage without engaging in a high drama divorce in a series of court battles. The couple understands that it is no longer in their best interest ...
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  • Protect Finances During Divorce

    || 29-Aug-2012

    During an uncontested divorce it's easy to let emotions get in the way of making good financial decisions. One of the areas that is often affected by poor planning and emotional outbursts during the divorce process is finances. In addition, not understanding how to successfully navigate these turbulent waters can take you from an otherwise uncontested Pennsylvania divorce with a mutually ...
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  • Christina Aguilera Rebounds from Divorce

    || 28-Aug-2012

    Christina Aguilera shocked the world when she filed for divorce against Jordan Bratman, husband of five years. Prior photos of her former spouse demonstrated a relationship filled with love, and most didn't suspect otherwise. Having experienced the divorce of her parents at age seven, she decided she wanted to create a better and more a positive home life for her son Max. Aguilera claimed her ...
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  • Social Media and Your Uncontested Divorce

    || 27-Aug-2012

    With technology becoming more and more a part of daily life, many of the personal aspects of our lives are being altered by its usage. Divorce is an area where technology is having a greater effect than ever before. You can now get an uncontested divorce online and send an email to your parents when you have just gotten your divorce decree a few weeks later. There are smart ways to use technology ...
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  • The Risks of Not Having a Marital Settlement Agreement

    || 26-Aug-2012

    What is a Fair Settlement Agreement? What constitutes a "fair" marital settlement agreement is a headline that has recently been blasted across media circuits. Most recently, Tom Cruise has been accused of getting out of his divorce easily, since his ex-wife Katie Holmes will "only" receive a stated $400,000 for child support. The comparison has been made to his $250 million ...
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  • Marital Settlement Agreement and Post Divorce Lawsuits

    || 25-Aug-2012

    Twenty two years after divorcing ex-husband and hedge-fund titan, Patricia Cohen was back in court suing Steve Cohen for an additional $8.25 million. It has been reported that Patricia Cohen did get a generous amount of money at the time of divorce, but now believes she is entitled to more. The judge dismissed the case stating the statute of limitations has run out and her case lacked ...
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  • Divorce, Marital Settlement Agreements and Billionaires

    || 24-Aug-2012

    Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, has come to a marital settlement agreement with his soon to be ex-wife Talulah Riley. Riley will be receiving a total of $4.2 million over nine years. At first glance the sum appears to be significant, but it has been reported that Musk spends $200,000 a month on personal expenses and Riley will be getting $140,000 on the ninth anniversary of her signing of the ...
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  • How to Overcome Divorce Insecurities and Stress

    || 23-Aug-2012

    Feelings of insecurities will pop-up through your divorce and life after divorce, whether or not it's an uncontested divorce or not. It's not uncommon to question everything from why your marriage fell apart and if was it your fault to wondering how you are going to financially secure your future. Insecurities and fear surface for different reasons, depending on the individual. If the ...
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  • Vanessa Marcil 90210 Star Files for Divorce

    || 22-Aug-2012

    U.S. Actress Vanessa Marcil has filed for divorce against her husband Carmine Giovinazzo. She is best remembered for her role as Gina on Beverly Hills 90210. Her Staten Island born husband is best known for his role as Danny on CSI:NY. Marcil's divorce announcement comes right on the heels of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announcement that their divorce has been finalized and a marital ...
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  • 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

    || 21-Aug-2012

    There are probably tons of legal questions that are running through your head before you consider getting an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania. To help guide you in the right direction, I've put together some of the more common questions that you should ask before hiring an lawyer to represent you in your simple, no-fault Pennsylvania divorce. 1. Do I have an attorney I can trust? You are ...
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  • The Economy Affects Why Couples Divorce

    || 20-Aug-2012

    There are many issues which are encountered during an uncontested divorce. With the recent changes in the last few years of the economy, home loss and high unemployment rates have had a significant impact on divorces in Pennsylvania. Here is a list of four factors which have had strong impact on divorced and divorcing couples. The recent downturn in the economy has caused single parents to change ...
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  • How Long Have I Been Legally Separated?

    || 16-Aug-2012

    If you want to get a Pennsylvania divorce, you must first be "separated" from your spouse. If you have been separated less than 2 years, Pennsylvania divorce law requires a 90 day waiting period in order for your divorce to be final (called a "cooling off period"- in other words, time for you to change your mind about getting a Pennsylvania uncontested divorce). If you have ...
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  • Separated but Spouse Won't Leave Home- Now What?

    || 15-Aug-2012

    In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to live together and still be considered separated for purposes of filing for a divorce. If you have been separated for one year or more, you finalize a Pennsylvania Divorce Code section 3301(d) simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce in as little as 4-6 weeks and there is no waiting period. If you have been separated for less than 1 year, under section 3301(c) the ...
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  • Do I Need a Reason to Get a Divorce in Pennsylvania?

    || 14-Aug-2012

    The quick answer is "not necessarily". In Pennsylvania, there are two kinds of divorces: "no-fault" and "fault" based " divorces. At Cairns Law Offices, we handle " No-fault" divorces " where your spouse is cooperative and will sign the divorce paperwork. You need to know where your spouse resides so you can "serve" him/her the divorce ...
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  • Olympic Athletes Save Family from Divorce Effects

    || 12-Aug-2012

    Two Olympic stars have been burdened by divorce and the devastating effects of not having a well planned marital settlement agreement. Despite their personal family upheavals, Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte have risen as champions during the recent London Olympic games. Lochte has taken over the title of the world's greatest swimmer and Douglas has created world history as the first ...
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  • 5 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself During Divorce

    || 11-Aug-2012

    There are several steps you can take during an uncontested divorce to protect yourself. Though your divorce may be "amicable", it's wise to take measures ahead of time to safe guard yourself and your property. We are talking about your personal property, not jointly owned or marital property. So, don't start hiding jointly owned property, or you can easily set yourself up for a ...
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  • 20 Minute Divorce?

    || 10-Aug-2012

    In 2003 the Chinese government changed the divorce laws, which previously required individuals to get permission from their employers in order to get a divorce. The new law actually allowed for a ten to twenty minute divorce. That's how long the paperwork takes to fill out, as long as both parties consent to the divorce. When the new law hit the books, there a sudden surge in divorces swept ...
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  • 3 Critical Divorce Reminders

    || 9-Aug-2012

    Emotions tend to run on high when going through a divorce. You can expect that there will be many days when it will be easy to make mistakes because you are angry or upset. Here are three simple but critical divorce reminders to remember before you make matters between you and your spouse worse than they already are. Keep in mind you want to keep hostilities down so you can get through your ...
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  • Mike Modano & Willa Ford Announce Divorce

    || 8-Aug-2012

    What appeared to be a rock-solid marriage has taken fans by surprise when news broke about Willa Ford and Mike Modano divorcing. In 2006 they became engaged after being together for more than four years, and after five years of marriage the couple has decided to call it quits. The couple sent out a joint- statement stating that they are remaining friends and wish each other success and happiness. ...
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  • Why Journal During Divorce

    || 7-Aug-2012

    Journaling during your uncontested divorce can be an invaluable tool. This can be a place where you relieve stress, collect your thoughts and let out pent up emotions. Note, this journal should be separate from your daily journal where you keep track of your day to day divorce details, such as how much time you spend with the kids. For more information on daily journaling to protect yourself click ...
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  • Why You Want An Amicable Uncontested PA Divorce

    || 6-Aug-2012

    There are many reasons why an amicable or "friendly" divorce is what you should want to strive for. With an uncontested divorce, a couple can save themselves not only a considerable amount of money but also lessen the emotional strain on themselves as well as their children. Often, with a long-drawn out contested divorce, both parties come away feeling gutted from a bitter battle. ...
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  • Birthdays & Marital Settlement Agreement

    || 5-Aug-2012

    A child's birthday and divorced parents can bring up a lot of emotions, not to mention complications. The best way to handle future birthdays is to get your arrangements in writing ahead of time with a martial settlement agreement. This way you and your spouse have a set scheduled agreement on how to handle the event and not have to fight it out later. This is your child's special day. ...
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  • Stevie Wonder & Marital Settlement Agreement?

    || 4-Aug-2012

    Stevie Wonder, child prodigy and music legendary, has filed for divorce against Kai Millard Morris. After two years of separation, Wonder signed the divorce papers with two fingerprints officially starting the end to an eleven year marriage. He stated the reason being is irreconcilable differences and wishes to keep the matter discreet. Wonder is asking for joint custody of his two sons Mandla, ...
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  • 6 Expensive Divorce Mistakes You Can't Afford

    || 3-Aug-2012

    Once your Pennsylvania uncontested divorce process is under way you will need to seriously consider updating your personal and legal documents. Some of the documents you may not even think about because you thought you were done with them long ago. Now that your are divorced, you need to get the basics in place. They can include anything from your will to emergency contact numbers. Your will is a ...
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