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Christina Aguilera shocked the world when she filed for divorce against Jordan Bratman, husband of five years. Prior photos of her former spouse demonstrated a relationship filled with love, and most didn't suspect otherwise. Having experienced the divorce of her parents at age seven, she decided she wanted to create a better and more a positive home life for her son Max.

Aguilera claimed her household was filled with tension and didn't want Max to grow up in an unhappy home. Some of the problems seem to stem from both her and Bratman allegedly having affairs. In addition, Aguilera has stated that her own home as a child was at times abusive and she wants to protect Max from parental discord. She states that she maintains an amicable relationship with Bratman in order to put Max first. This couple was able to work out a marital settlement agreement in order to share child custody, validating their commitment to their son.

On the day of her divorce she appeared to be in high sprits as she and Max spent the day at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. After the divorce, Aguilera captured the attention of the media through a series of embarrassing incidents. She has had a tough come back with having been arrested for intoxication, being criticized for weight gain, forgetting the words to the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl, tripping on her dress at the Grammy Awards. Her album Bionic and movie Burlesque were considered a flop.

Rebuilding her life as a single woman and single mother has presented her with various challenges. It appears though, that this feisty woman is making a come back. Aguilera is a coach on the TV show The Voice and has been reported to have made $225,000 per episode during the first season. The show is now going into its third season. She is releasing a new album, with the first single Your Body. The new album does not have a release date yet, but is suppose to be a culmination of her personal and professional life experiences. Also, she will be singing the song on The Voice on September 17th. Next month she has been selected to receive a philanthropy award during the ALMA awards ceremony.

Coming back from a divorce normally is a series of being reasonable under difficult circumstances, adjusting to a new reality, and building a new and stronger foundation over a period of time. With a simple, no-fault uncontested divorce,individuals have the opportunity to move on more quickly with their lives and start the process of a new life sooner.

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