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Why Pay More and Get Less?

James Cairns has developed a method of obtaining a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce called the Cairns Method that offers clients in Butler County a great value without costing them a fortune. Cairns Law Offices uses technology to get your divorce started online right now, from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else with your mobile phone. If you have determined that a divorce is necessary, we are here to help you now.

Five Warning Signs of a Divorce
1. Lack of emotional bonding- if your partner's concern in physical attention has drastically declined
2. Continuously arguing over the same subject
3. Not in-the-know - your spouse is telling everyone else about their personal life (i.e., profession) and you are the last to find out
4. "Checking out" - you and/or spouse are discovering distractions, and not communicating (i.e., TV)
5. Everything you do is incorrect - Regardless of how much you attempt to get things right, you did something wrong

What's the distinction between a Pennsylvania contested divorce and a Pennsylvania uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorce
This means that you and your spouse cannot get along and there's no reasonable chance to save the marriage. Legally, this can be referred to as "irreconcilable differences". To get an uncontested divorce (also referred to as a no-fault divorce) a spouse basically states that the couple cannot get along, no one is blamed, and each party is in agreement for a divorce. An uncontested divorce is when each party reaches an agreement (which may be written into a legal settlement agreement) on property matters, child support, alimony, retirement, and any other issue.

Contested divorce
Contested divorce arises when one spouse does not consent to the divorce. The majority of contested divorces are based in disputes over property division. Having a contested divorce, means each party has the burden of further emotional distress, longer divorce and spending a considerable sum of money.

Top Reasons for hiring Attorney James Cairns

  • No waiting. We begin operating for you the moment we get your details
  • No courtroom appearance necessary
  • No law office visits
  • Updates are sent to you, by e-mail - you know exactly where your case stands
  • Uncomplicated internet payments
  • We're readily available on the web 24/7
  • You've got a complete law firm backing you
  • A divorce lawyer works on your case, not a hired paralegal
  • Particular attention given to military personnel
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

Normally, a divorce is a legal finish to a marriage which was done for some time. There is no winner or loser; divorce is an emotionally challenging time for each spouse. Attorney James Cairns understands the emotional turmoil of a divorce, and that is certainly why he has created a hassle-free way of obtaining an uncontested divorce in the state of Pennsylvania.

We're not a "do-it-yourself" law firm. We're not going to ask you to fill in a bunch of confusing forms. A divorce lawyer represents you; don't risk having a paralegal or assistant write legally inaccurate and unenforceable divorce decrees.

Lawyer James Cairns has an impressive career that spans over 16 years. He has served individuals, just like you, from all walks of life - including military divorces. If you or your spouse is serving our country - including United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines - give us a call so we can be certain that your divorce is in compliance with federal laws.

We also offer additional services like removing names on Pennsylvania Deeds, preparing settlement agreements, and making prior married or maiden name changes (for ladies).

Cranberry Township's Divorce Attorney-at-Law, James Cairns has revolutionized the strategy to obtaining a no-fault divorce. Lawyer Cairns is not only the online leader for divorce services, he has also created a very simple "2-click divorce" strategy utilizing innovative computer software plan and actual time deployment.

The "2-click divorce" process leads you through an easy to fill-in form, only taking minutes. You may pay for your divorce now in full, or we're pleased to set you up on a payment program. You are able to make easy payments with your credit card, debit card, or checking account.

Please contact Lawyer James Cairns for a cost-free consultation, and by no means is there any obligation.

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