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No Hassles, No Hidden Fees

Pennsylvania simple divorce attorney James Cairns has helped people end their marriages by providing affordable, efficient and expedited divorce services, and we understand the extensive experience needed to handle the complexities of military divorces.

Our clients prefer to move on and focus on their future instead of their past, so we provide services that require minimal involvement, including:

  • No court appearances necessary
  • Regular status updates by e-mail
  • No trips to the lawyer's office necessary
  • Prompt response to all e-mails and phone calls

We offer additional conveniences, such as flexible office hours, credit card and checking account payment options (and money order) and Spanish-speaking capability.

Experienced Pennsylvania Uncontested Divorce Attorney James Cairns

For more than 15 years, attorney Cairns has counseled men and women and active military members who chose to contact Jim Cairns, the principal attorney at Cairns Law Offices, for assistance with their simple divorce.

Our clients are busy people who know that an attorney can be invaluable in ensuring that this legal proceeding is completed correctly, minimizing the risk of unpleasant surprises at some point in the future.

We guarantee* you will find no Allentown no-fault divorce attorney who will assist you with a simple divorce at a lower fee. If you find a lower fee, we will match it.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your situation and explain the Pennsylvania divorce process.

For a free initial phone consultation, with no obligation, call us at (888) 863-9115.

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