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FAQ: How Long Will It Take?

At Cairns Law Offices, we will handle your divorce as quickly as the law allows. As soon as you complete our online intake form (by clicking the aqua-colored $219 button), we can begin the process. How long that process will take actually depends on your situation.

We have three divorce service speeds, which depend on how long you've been separated. "Separated" means that one spouse clearly communicated to the other spouse that he/she no longer wished to be married, and from that point onward ceased to act as a married couple (it does not matter if you live together- you can live together and still be separated according to the law).

Pennsylvania divorce law recently changed. DON'T WORRY, WE'LL MAKE IT EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Couples who are separated 1 year or more can now get divorced faster under Section 3301(d) of the Divorce Code of Pennsylvania. A Section 3301(d) divorce allows you to avoid a 90 day waiting period two ways, AS FOLLOWS:

IF... you have been separated 1 year or MORE -- and -- your date of separation occurred ON or AFTER 12/05/16, then you qualify for a Section 3301(d) divorce.

IF... you have been separated 2 years or MORE then you also qualify for a Section 3301(d) divorce.

IF... neither of the two situations above applies to you, then you can get divorced under Section 3301(c) of the Divorce Code of Pennsylvania. The law imposes a 90 day waiting period for all Section 3301(c) divorces.

Here is how long a 3301(d) divorce typically takes to complete:

1. NORMAL divorce service: 13-16 weeks, $219

2. FAST divorce service: 8-12 weeks, $289

3. RUSH divorce service: 4-6 weeks, $369

Here is how long a 3301(c) divorce typically takes to complete:

(these times include the 90 day waiting period):

1. NORMAL divorce service: 5-6 months weeks, $219

2. FAST divorce service: 4-5 months, $289

3. RUSH divorce service: 3.5-4 months, $369

We cannot guarantee how quickly your case will go, but we do guarantee that your case will be handled professionally and quickly. Read our client reviews to see what they think.

You need to know where your spouse is in order for us to serve them the divorce paperwork. If you cannot locate them we cannot take your case. Also, if you later find out that your spouse moved away and is no longer available and/or becomes uncooperative, you must dismiss us and hire another law firm to represent you. So, how do you locate your spouse? The more information you have, such as social security number, date of birth, full first, middle and last name, the better. There are several lower-cost alternatives.

You can try any or all of these solutions: You have the divorce paperwork delivered to your spouse indirectly through another person, as long as they can get your spouse's signature. The other person doesn't have to tell you where your spouse is located. Or, talk to your spouse's past and current friends, family, employer, business associates, landlord, clergy, acquaintances where they often go (the gym, a pub, dance class, cake-decorating class... you get the point), telephone directory, directory assistance, the local support court, the social security office, the US. Postal Service address service (call them, not us), and last but not least, the internet. There are several websites that offer to people for a fee. You can also hire a private investigator.

Last and most expensively, you can hire a full-service law firm to accept your case. They will conduct an investigation and may have to do advertising in several newspapers.

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