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Using Modern Technology to Save You Time and Money

The Cairns Method of Obtaining an Internet-Based Divorce℠ means that we use computer software and databases to flawlessly prepare the right documents for your specific case. This eliminates the human error that often occurs when someone manually types your information into a system. Our Divorce Wizard will analyze your case right now online at no cost or obligation. Upon completion of the form, you will have the option of filing your case with our law office immediately. You can start your divorce in a matter of minutes. Simply make payment and your process is started; we will send you your divorce complaint within 1 business day. Then, just electronically confirm the complaint and we'll file the divorce complaint immediately. Your documents are prepared and filed by an attorney will be emailed to you within one business day. If you review your documents and realize that you made a mistake on your form, it's not a problem at all. Just let us know and we will make the corrections free of charge within one business day. We move your case along quickly so you can start your new life sooner.

Be Involved in Proceedings without Interrupting Your Life

Using the Cairns Method and our free Divorce Wizard means you will never have to wonder what is happening in your divorce proceedings. Our specialized software tracks your case through several case-specific steps in obtaining your divorce, and you will receive regular proactive updates on the status of your case. If you have any questions about your updates or anything relating to your divorce, do not hesitate to contact our offices. If our attorney is not available at that moment, you will receive a call from our offices later that very same day. We understand how frustrating it is to not receive prompt replies to your questions, which is why we make it a commitment to reply to any calls or emails within one business day or sooner. Check out our client email testimonials and Avvo reviews to see what our clients have said about our commitment to being fast.

All of your divorce information is backed up and securely stored using the latest encryption methods. In addition, we always work hard behind the scenes to make sure there are no unnecessary delays in your divorce proceedings. This means we double-check each document at every step of the process to ensure that there is no missing information and that everything is filled out correctly and completely.

When you hire the Cairns Law Offices, you are hiring an experienced, professional legal advocate. This is not a kit or a do-it-yourself program; a dedicated attorney will be representing you and your case. We thoroughly examine the documents you submit so that you receive the benefit of a seasoned lawyer without needing to travel to a law office. Our firm focuses on helping clients obtain no-fault divorces in Pennsylvania quickly and easily because we understand that you want to put divorce behind you and have a fresh start. You are not another case at our firm; you are a valued client who deserves excellent service and adept legal representation. If you are looking for a simple, uncontested divorce, then look no further than our firm. We offer the lowest possible fee for a Pennsylvania simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce: $249. Let technology work for you by using The Cairns Method of Obtaining an Internet-Based Divorce. Obtain a premium divorce without the premium price and take the first step toward a new life today!

Contact the Cairns Law Offices and visit our Divorce Wizard for a free online virtual consultation and to learn more about saving time and money with an online divorce!

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