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When you ask your attorney how long it will take to finalize your divorce, that’s an almost impossible question to answer with any accuracy. The answer is dependent on many issues out of an individual’s control, like court schedules and your partner’s willingness to comply. A divorce can be delayed when one partner isn’t interested in participating in the process. Most divorces are not mutually sought, which means there will be one person not invested in adhering to a reasonable timeline.

3 Reasons Your Spouse is Dragging Out Your Divorce

  • The Desire for Divorce Isn’t Reciprocal: When one party wants a divorce and the other does not, the process can be very slow. It’s common for one party to commit to fighting for the relationship while the other person has moved on to new possibilities. The other party in the relationship may be holding on to hope that the marriage can be saved with more time and effort spent together. In most instances, this isn’t a manipulative tactic as much as it’s a subconscious effort to save something cared for by the other party.
  • Passive Aggressive Anger: When divorce isn’t mutually sought, the road to ending your marriage can be anxious and filled with small arguments over every issue, big or small. Even if the divorce seemed agreed upon by both parties initially, your spouse might have cooled to the idea. Your spouse may be incapable of saying they no longer want a divorce openly. Your husband or wife may be finding ways to sabotage the proceedings because they are unwilling to admit they have anger about an issue you may think is resolved. It may be beneficial to review when the divorce process went off course and broach the topic with your spouse. If you’re hoping to retain a friendly relationship with your ex once the marriage is over, seeking counseling to resolve any issues could help.
  • It’s About the Money: Regardless of who was the high wage earner in the marriage, money is a central issue impacting divorce proceedings from every angle. Couples with equal earning can still feel the pinch of divorce from the loss of pooled resources and shared expenses. Depending on your marriage's length, it can be difficult for either party to readjust to single life with one income without shared expenses. Your spouse may be dragging their heels paying for court-ordered expenses or hiding assets out of fear. They may not believe they can support themselves and pay court-ordered judgments.

Cairns Law Group Provides Divorce Representation in Pennsylvania

In situations with problematic partners, you want an attorney who will work as hard as possible to meet your needs. At Cairns Law Group, we realize you want a reasonable settlement that’s as fair as possible. So, if your estranged partner is refusing to cooperate, call us today at (888) 863-9115 to schedule a consultation.

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