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The rumor mill continues to churn with news that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are headed for a split. The couple married in 2014, and they’ve gone on to build a family with four children and several new business opportunities. Page Six quotes a source that believes the famous couple has already moved into settlement talks, a signal for fans of the duo that counseling didn’t work. If rumors are true and Kardashian West and her husband are set to divide an ever-increasing fortune. Forbes recently listed West on its billionaires' list in April. His estimated net worth has grown exponentially since the couple married, with conservative figures speculating he’s added over $900 million in assets. Kardashian’s fortune has grown from $30 million to $370 million, and her assets are likely to see a boost from her recently brokered deal selling 20% of her KKW Beauty line for $200 million.

Rumors of the Wests’ Hollywood Prenuptial Agreement

When Kim and Kanye married in 2014, they were both wealthy individuals with assets and interests to protect. Entertainment outlets reported the speculated details of their prenuptial agreement down maintenance payments and gifts. If what’s been reported is to be believed, then Kanye and Kim’s divorce may be the easiest, most cut and dry entertainment divorce in recent memory.

There are two key issues that Kanye and Kim will still need to resolve if they choose to divorce.

  1. Custody Arrangements: Plans will need to be made regarding the couples’ four minor children. Prenuptial agreements do not include preplanned custody agreements, so they would be forced to create one should the marriage fail. It’s reported the rapper has been spending the vast majority of his time in Wyoming, with his wife and children remaining in the family’s Calabasas home.
  1. Marital Home: The Wests would need to make arrangements for their marital home. They reportedly have been debating about the home and who owns it. Kim owns the lot the home was built on and the adjacent lots, and Kanye owns the house. They paid $40 million for the home and spent another $20 renovating the property, representing one of the most valuable properties in their portfolio. It’s likely neither party wants to sell the property, so they would need to negotiate this detail into the settlement.

While many may consider prenuptial agreements unromantic and bad luck for your marriage, they can also save time, money, and headache should things not work out. Kanye and Kim have close to $1.8 billion in assets. While most people getting divorced do not have quite as many assets, if it’s possible to negotiate the terms of your breakup in advance while you are still in love and hopeful for the future, you should. Dividing up your assets when you are angry and hurt is a recipe for problems.

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