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The cost of the average divorce is over $13,000! That’s not a cheap activity, so when you consider getting a divorce, you probably wonder what you can do to bring down the costs and save some money. While it’s true that divorces are almost always cheap, there are some ways you could be increasing your costs without realizing it. The financial strain of a divorce can leave you worried if you’ll ever recover. If you and your partner are considering an uncontested, no-fault divorce, you could be on track to save some money, but there are still mistakes you could make that could add fees to your divorce costs. While you can plan for your divorce fees, you may be surprised when you get the final bill if you aren’t organized and prepared for the process. One of the primary areas where couples spend money without realizing it is when they fight and argue over each point and issue. You can avoid many of the additional costs of divorce by working cooperatively with your future ex.

Ways to Reduce the Costs of Divorce

In addition to working with your spouse to finalize the details of your divorce, you can also avoid spending more money by trying a few of the following tips:

  • Cooperation: We’ve mentioned it a few times, and it bears mentioning again. Working with your spouse will help you finalize your divorce faster than any other action you can take. The more cooperative you and your spouse can be, the better each process will go for you.
  • Listen to Your Attorney: It’s illogical, but many divorcing couples hire their attorney and then proceed to ignore every suggestion when it comes to ways to make things work better and faster. Your attorney is on your side, and it’s important to listen, and if you don’t agree with something, ask questions. You’re’ paying your attorney for their advice and legal expertise – it would be a shame to not use it.
  • Avoid Court When You Can: When you can avoid going to court, you should. Filing for motions and petitions and going to court for every issue costs money. Your attorney will give you options and help you choose when you should be in court and when it’s not necessary.
  • Don’t Miss Filings: The divorce process is very confusing, and it’s easy to miss things if you’re busy or life gets in the way. Hiring an attorney is a great way to avoid the costs of missing filing dates or incomplete paperwork.

Protect Your Financials by Opting for a No-Contest Divorce

When you and your spouse both want a divorce, it’s a considerably easier process that doesn’t have to be expensive and filled with negative interactions. While getting a divorce may be a regretful circumstance, it doesn’t have to be more antagonistic than necessary. When hiring your divorce lawyer, you want someone who can expedite your divorce for you without making the experience worse. While each divorce is unique, the process is similar. Plus, you can save money on your Pennsylvania divorce filing by contacting Cairns Law Office. Ask us about our $299 no-fault divorce! Call us today at (888) 863-9115 to schedule a consultation or to request more information.

Before making any serious choices regarding your finances or divorce filing, contact an attorney or financial professional.

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