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Once you’ve made the decision to divorce, it’s common to want the process to be over as soon as possible. In Pennsylvania, the quickest and easiest divorce depends on a few factors. One of those factors is of course – money. Money has a way of making things happen faster. But, what if you aren’t flush with cash or willing to part with it for a quick divorce? In those instances, if you haven’t been separated for at least one year, then you will need to at the very least start by documenting your separation. If you’re on the same page about the divorce, then you’re also in good shape because you can opt for a no-fault divorce. A fast and cheap divorce in Pennsylvania can happen, and like we stated earlier, if you’ve already been living separately then you only have a 90-day waiting period before it’s all over and done.

No-Fault Divorces

So, now that you understand the time frames, you must also understand the how the grounds for divorce can impact the length of proceedings. A no-fault divorce means that your marriage is beyond repair due to conflicting goals or desires. The legal terminology for a broken marriage due to unrepairable conflicts is “irreconcilable differences.” For a no-fault divorce, you’ll need to have a term of separation and a 90-day waiting period before the judge was sign off on your divorce. If you’re looking for a fast divorce in Pennsylvania, a no-fault filing may be your best option. They are generally less expensive and faster than other types of divorce.

To qualify to file for a no-fault divorce, certain requirements must be met:

  • The marriage in question is broken beyond repair
  • Desire for the divorce is mutual
  • All financial matters are resolved before filing

After everything is signed and filed, the divorce decree will be signed by the judge after the waiting period. You don’t have to even show up for a formal hearing for the judge to finalize your divorce. Contrary to some misconceptions, you can also obtain a no-fault divorce even if you have children and custody matters to finalize, as those will be handled in a separate proceeding. So, for the couples hoping to transition from separated to divorced as soon as possible, you should consider how a low-cost no-fault divorce is the best solution for your situation. The main takeaway is that your divorce can be fast and inexpensive if you or your soon to be ex are in agreement and both want the divorce. If you have all your documents signed and filed properly, your divorce could be finalized before you know it.

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