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How to Chase New Romances Without Affecting Your Divorce Settlement

Divorcees have varied stances on what is considered an acceptable waiting period between a divorce filing and the first date as a single. There are some guidelines, however, that carry more weight beyond being a personal preference. Dating too soon in your divorce process could negatively impact your settlement.

What Happens if I Date Before I File for Divorce?

Pennsylvania laws punish adultery. If you pursue a relationship with someone other than your spouse while you are still legally married, it gives your partner proper ground to file a fault-based divorce if they refrained from dating. As such, you could be refused alimony.

What Happens if I Date Before the Divorce Is Finalized?

The waiting period that precedes Pennsylvania divorce can be excruciating for those ready to move on and meet new people. Even simple uncontested divorces can take four months to be finalized. Luckily, for these eager individuals, Pennsylvania no longer views any extramarital relationship as an adulterous affair once a couple has decided to separate and file for divorce. This means that dating after officially filing will not affect your chances of alimony.

Still, to protect your eligibility for alimony in your divorce settlement, it’s important to take some specific steps to prove your relationship has ended. You could do so by:

  • Closing joint accounts
  • Moving into separate residences
  • Telling others about your separation

If the court has reason to doubt that you are truly separated, it could pose challenges in your divorce.

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