How to Prepare for a Pennsylvania Divorce

You probably know several people who have been through a divorce and if you were to ask each one of them for advice, they’d probably have different nougats to share. The important thing to remember is divorces are like snowflakes; no two are alike. Because of this, it’s important not to compare your divorce to others’ divorces.

As a divorce law firm, we have represented countless clients in their divorce cases and while each divorce is distinct from any other, we definitely have general advice that can serve most, if not people going through a divorce. In this article, we give practical tips that serve just about anyone going through a divorce.

Our tips on achieving a peaceful divorce:

  • Get educated on Pennsylvania’s divorce laws;
  • Speak to a divorce attorney from our firm;
  • Ask our lawyer about the advantages of filing for divorce first;
  • Keep your divorce OFF of social media;
  • Run your credit report and your spouse’s credit report;
  • Organize all of your financial records;
  • Fully assess your marital estate;
  • Do NOT engage in revenge spending;
  • Do not hide marital assets;
  • If you dissolve your marriage, don’t portray yourselves as a married couple or proceed to be romantic with your spouse as this behavior can impact the divorce;
  • Treat your spouse with respect during the divorce process (it’s just business);
  • Seek emotional support from a professional, close friends, or family;
  • Focus on your children;
  • Do not badmouth your spouse in front of your children;
  • If you want to date, run it by your attorney for advice; and
  • Don’t say or do anything that will have long-lasting, negative ramifications.

“If at all possible, try to enter the divorce process with mutual respect and a shared desire to remain civil throughout. Though this may be challenging, it will save you and your children from additional unnecessary stressors throughout the proceedings,” Robert Pagliarini wrote in Forbes.

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