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If you’re getting a divorce in Pennsylvania and you’re likely to become the noncustodial parent, you do not have to fall into the stereotypes about noncustodial parents being “deadbeat” parents.

We want to note that it is possible to have “joint legal custody,” but for your soon-to-be-ex to have “sole physical custody.” However, many noncustodial parents, including our clients, pay child support every month, are very active in their children’s lives and enjoy liberal visitation with their children.

Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

If you’re thinking you’ll be the noncustodial parent, there is a very good chance that it’s because you’re the father. Even though fathers have equal rights to custody, still, the majority of children do end up spending more time with their mothers, even though there are definitely exceptions.

If you want to stay actively involved in your children’s lives, they are very lucky to have you as their loving parent. One of the best ways to build a solid foundation for a successful co-parenting relationship is to seek a no-fault divorce instead of a fault-based divorce. Why?

Because this sets the tone for a positive divorce experience. In contrast, litigation causes more stress and conflict and it does not nurture a healthy co-parenting environment.

Tips for staying involved:

  • Don’t move far away from your children. If possible, stay in the same school zone so pick-ups and drop-offs are convenient!
  • Spend loads of quality time with your children. Avoid having them with a babysitter on your days or nights with them.
  • Attend as many of their activities, practices, etc. as possible to stay involved and show you care. The idea is to be as actively involved as you can be.
  • If your job makes it hard to see your kids, consider changing positions or getting a job someplace else.
  • Remember that even if you agree to be the noncustodial parent now, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for more time with your kids in the future.
  • Offer to take care of your children when your ex needs to be somewhere for work, or when they want to do a kid-free activity. Think of it as bonus kid time!
  • Always think of what’s in your children’s best interests and plan your life accordingly.

If you’re getting a divorce in Philadelphia and a no-fault divorce for only $299 sounds good to you, contact Cairns Law Offices today.

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