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Now that the holidays are quickly approaching, we’re entering that time of year where unhappy spouses begin to question themselves about the timing of their divorce. If you’re on the brink of divorce, you may be thinking, “Should I wait until after the holidays to file for divorce?” It depends on your situation.

In our experience, the answer depends a lot on the individual’s family traditions during the holidays and whether he or she has children from the marriage. For childless couples, divorcing during the holidays isn’t as much of an issue. For couples with minor children, the question comes up more frequently.

Just because a couple has children, it does not necessarily mean they should delay their divorce until after January 1st. It all depends on the family’s individual circumstances. For example, if domestic violence is an issue, it does not make sense to delay the filing of a divorce until after the holidays. In that case, the innocent spouse would only be prolonging the spousal or child abuse and that is not healthy by any standards.

If the home environment is highly stressful because the couple argues all the time, filing for divorce before the holidays may be better for the kids. Why? Because, by the parents physically separating from each other, the children can enjoy peace at last. Children should not be exposed to their parents fighting all the time; this is stressful for them.

Why Some Spouses Delay the Filing

There are definitely those spouses (with children) who decide to delay their divorce filing until after the holiday season. Usually, these couples are not creating high-conflict atmospheres at home. In fact, their children may not be aware that a divorce is on the horizon. In these situations, usually the parents delay their divorce because they want their children to enjoy one last Christmas or Hanukkah as a family.

What about you, what should you do? It all depends on what life is like at home. If you don’t have children, there’s nothing stopping you from filing for divorce. If you do have children, take into consideration the home environment. Is it healthy? If not, you may want to seriously consider filing for divorce sooner than later. Only you know the best answer for your personal situation.

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