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If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania and you’re headed for divorce, you’re bound to hear certain legal terms thrown around, such as “uncontested divorce,” “mutual consent divorce,” “no-fault divorce,” and “two-year separation rule.”

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to shed light on uncontested divorce and what it has to do with achieving a fast, cheap divorce in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, there are two types of divorces: fault and no-fault. If a couple agrees to get a divorce, it is called a “mutual consent” divorce, but it can also be an “uncontested divorce.” An uncontested divorce is where the spouses agree on “all issues” pertaining to their divorce.

Such uncontested issues typically involve:

Even though an “uncontested divorce” indicates that a couple agrees on all issues, it doesn’t mean that the couple won’t need to negotiate. On the contrary, couples often have to go back on forth a little bit before they reach a marital settlement agreement.

Sometimes, a spouse has one idea about how they’d like things to play out, while the other spouse has a different idea. There may even be stark differences in what they want; however, both spouses have agreed to hash things out until they reach a fair settlement. This mindset is what makes a divorce uncontested – the spouses’ willingness to negotiate in an amicable setting.

Why Uncontested is Better

We hold the belief that uncontested divorces are just better, period. Why? Because, the spouses agree to collaborate until an agreement is reached. They don’t have to like each other, but at least they have the common goal of preserving the marital estate, and they achieve this by taking a “team approach” to resolving their divorce.

This team approach translates to less stress, more control over the divorce, and more importantly, a quick, affordable divorce that's more likely to make everyone happier in the end.

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