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If you are getting a divorce and you have minor children, soon you will learn about child support and how and when it’s paid. Whether you will be paying or receiving child support, you will find the information in this blog useful. Read on to learn more!

Most of the time, child support is ordered through the court and paid through income withholding. The Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System, the state’s child support computer, is the system that handles child support payments. The State of Pennsylvania keeps tabs on all child support orders in the state; these are charged on the first of the month.

Employers & Court Orders

Suppose you will be the non-custodial parent, the one to pay child support. If you are an employee, your employer will likely receive a court order, which will order your employer to deduct child support from your paycheck. From there, the funds would be sent to PA SCDU (PA State Collection and Disbursement Unit).

If you are receiving workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability benefits, unemployment, or retirement or pension benefits, child support can be automatically deducted from any of the above benefits. If you do not have an income withholding; for example, if you’re an independent contractor or otherwise self-employed, PA SCDU can send you payment coupons.

If you receive payment coupons, you must make a note on the coupon about how much money you are paying. You would make your cashier’s check, money order, or personal check out to PA SCDU. Also, don’t forget to include a coupon with each payment you make.

PA SCDU does not accept checks that are:

  • Stale dated
  • Post dated
  • Not signed
  • Not payable to PA SCDU
  • The numbers do not match the written amount

Other Ways to Pay Child Support

Aside from income withholding and payment coupons, there are other ways to pay child support; non-custodial parents can pay by telephone, a credit or debit card, or through recurring automatic withdrawals. For more information about paying child support in Pennsylvania, click here.

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