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With millions of people around the world using Facebook on a regular basis, it seems almost second-nature to have an account with this social network. People use this forum to catch up with friends, post photos, and keep abreast of relevant news stories. With the common usage of Facebook in most people's everyday lives, it is no wonder that information posted to this website can be used against them in court cases.

How is Facebook used in divorce cases?

According to some researchers, Facebook is used as evidence in one-third of all divorce cases. Since many posts can provide a detailed account of the daily activities of a person, down to even geotagging locations, a record is developed that can be used in court cases. In fact, Facebook is often used to indicate whether or not one party in a divorce is lying.

Even subtle information, such as mentioning vacation plans or getting a raise at work can be used to show that a financial situation may not be as dire as reported. In fact, these subtle clues also go extremely far in proving cases of infidelity. While someone may claim that they have been nothing but faithful to a spouse, their actions on Facebook can prove otherwise.

Since Facebook is considered to be public information, photos, statuses, and comments can be used to paint a different picture than someone is trying to portray. Usually, attorneys can use the information found on Facebook to prove their case in divorce. Even though Facebook and social media may seem like a fantasy world, there are real-life implications to what may result.

When any divorce is going on, it will be in each person's best interests to deactivate their social media accounts to prevent the information found from being used as evidence against their claims. The evidence allowed in court has changed since the advent of social media, and it is always better to take protective steps than to have the courts use their Facebook information.

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