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Even in the friendlier divorces, you're still more vulnerable than usual. It's an emotionally sensitive time and regardless of how you look at it, the stakes are high. From determining child custody, to splitting assets and debts, to awarding alimony, you have a lot on the line and you don't want to make a decision during this emotionally fragile time that you'll later regret.

Below, we discuss some of the most common divorce mistakes and how to avoid them!

Moving out of the family home.

If you want custody of the kids, moving out and leaving them behind is a bad idea. The judge will look at this move as a message that your spouse is perfectly capable of taking care of the kids. If you want the greatest chances of getting custody, it's best to continue living in the family home with your children as the divorce proceeds through the courts.

Taking anyone's divorce advice.

Friends, family and co-workers mean well when they're giving divorce advice, but don't take just anyone's advice because some of it can cloud your judgement and hurt your case. Your divorce lawyer is the best source of legal advice just as your CPA is the best source of advice on tax issues.

Forgetting to plan for life after divorce.

When you're in the midst of a divorce, it can be very stressful and money can be tight, making it hard to see the forest beyond the trees. From a financial perspective, you must consider the long-term consequences of all of your divorce-related decisions, such as keeping the house, taking out life insurance, and taking an investment over a retirement asset to name a few.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, meet with a financial advisor who can demystify the numbers and set you on the right track for financial success.

Being careless on social media.

Remember, once you send an email, or text, or post something on social media, you can't take it back. Whatever you say or do online or on your smartphone can come back to haunt you so be careful and don't send or post anything that you wouldn't want the judge to see.

Talking bad about your ex to the kids.

No matter what your ex said or did, don't badmouth him or her to the kids. Not only does it foster anger, guilt, resentment, grief and sometimes depression in kids, these are emotions that you don't want your children to feel.

Sometimes taking the high road is one of the best habits that one can master in a divorce. One day, your kids will be glad that you were looking out for their happiness and refrained from making indiscriminant remarks about their other parent.

Not going for an uncontested divorce.

Some of the angriest couples have accepted their differences and hashed things out through an uncontested, no-fault divorce. This is a non-adversarial process where the couple agrees to work out the terms of their divorce outside of court. We are firm believers of a no-fault divorce because it's less stressful, it's faster and it's cheaper than divorce litigation.

Need a Pennsylvania no-fault divorce lawyer? Contact Cairns Law Offices for a free consultation!

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