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The attorneys at Cairns Law Offices believe that divorce does not need to be a long, drawn-out, and draining process. Many couples are choosing to end their marriages with the understanding that not all relationships work and it is not necessarily one person's fault when a marriage ends. For those that seek to dissolve their marriage with this understanding, a collaborative divorce may be the best option.

Collaborative Divorce Puts the Couple in Control

Collaborative divorce is an option for those that seek to minimize the conflicts that may occur in a traditional divorce case. In a collaborative divorce, each party in the divorce will hire their own attorney that represents their best interests. The individuals and their attorneys will meet together to discuss the divorce.

This style of divorce will allow the couple to determine what is best for them without the intervention of the court. While a court will operate in what it sees to be the best interests of each party, a judge will not have the same familiarity to a person's lifestyle and needs that their spouse may have. This puts the couple in control of their situation and simply puts attorneys in charge of ensuring legality.

Any financial issues that arise during the process will be handled by a financial consultant not associated with either spouse. The financial consultant will help divide marital property and the attorneys will make this decision legally binding.

In order to participate in a collaborative divorce, each person must:

  • Completely disclose all relevant financial and personal information
  • Communicate respectfully with all parties
  • Keep documents developed during the collaboration confidential

If you decide that a collaborative divorce is right for your situation, the Cairns Law Offices is here for you. Our firms offer easy, quick, and affordable divorces for couples that want to end the marriage and are not seeking to spend months locked in a courtroom battle.

We offer a 30 day divorce! Contact our firm to begin the divorce process today.

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