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CNBC has recently published an article that explored the benefits of ending a marriage through collaborative divorce rather than through litigation. Not only does collaborative divorce tend to save spouses a great deal of money, but it also tends to leave them less stressed and more capable of jumping back on track with their lives after the divorce is finalized, according to the article. In the collaborative divorce process, the two spouses agree not to go through the court system and instead work together to reach an agreement on the issues related to their divorce. In this process, both spouses are represented by their own lawyers, who are responsible for protecting their clients' best interests during the collaboration. This is different than mediation in which both spouses reach an agreement with the guidance of one neutral party.

The CNBC article cited collaborative divorce information from a 2010 survey by the International Academy of Collaborative Professional (IACP). The survey showed that litigation can be three times more expensive than collaborative divorce. It also showed that 58% of collaborative cases are carried out in under nine months. The article also provided insight from professionals who assist with these types of divorces. One certified financial planner and "financial neutral" said she sees a major difference in the level of psychological and emotional strain between those who go through collaborative divorce and those who go through litigation. She noted that spouses who undergo litigation tend to be much more exhausted, and they tend to need at least a year to recover and get to a point where they can focus again. On the other hand, those who utilize collaborative divorce are usually able to bounce back much quicker. The CNBC article also explained how collaborative divorce tends to be less traumatizing for any children involved, since they see their parents working together rather than going head-to-head in courtroom battles.

Collaborative divorce is just one of the multiple ways that spouses can choose to work together and avoid the court system when they are bringing their marriages to an end. If you are looking for a less expensive way to complete the divorce process, you might opt for collaborative divorce or mediation. Or, if you and your spouse do not have any issues that need to be negotiated and you are already on agreement on every issue in your no-fault, uncontested divorce, you can have our law firm file your divorce online at a cost of just $209. Get a free consultation with our Pennsylvania uncontested divorce lawyer at Cairns Law Offices to find out if this quick and inexpensive no-fault divorce option will work for you. Contact Cairns Law Offices today!

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