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Pennsylvania has agreed to recognize same-sex marriage throughout the state, which opens up the door for petitions regarding same-sex divorce. Professionals say that the same standards that apply for heterosexual divorces will now also apply for same sex couples that want to separate. Bucks County, Pennsylvania received their first petition for a homosexual divorce last month.

Pennsylvania divorce lawyers say that same sex couples will also need to consider how pensions and social security affect their divorce and will need to make decisions regarding alimony or child support. Some attorneys say that this development in the Pennsylvania laws is groundbreaking for the state. Same sex couples will now receive all the benefits and protections that are available to those in traditional marriages.

Attorneys are still trying to get a grasp on how to handle some of the more complex divorce cases, through it is often thought that the same sex divorces should be treated as similarly to traditional divorce as possible. If you are considering divorce in Pennsylvania, call our firm. We stay up-to-date on the changing aspects of family law so that we can best represent you in an accurate and successful way. Call a Pennsyvania divorce lawyer today to learn more!

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