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The High Price of a Contested Divorce

It depends entirely on what type of divorce you pursue. If you go the route of a contested divorce, then all bets are off. Not only is this a bitter, lengthy process, but you could be looking at an at least $30,000 price tag.

If you go through a contested divorce in court, your final bill could include:

  • $200 initial consultations with your divorce attorney
  • $3,500 retainer fee
  • $275 / hour attorney fee for two to four years
  • $20,000 child custody evaluations and hearings
  • $4,000 discovery process of hidden assets

This does not include the time you have to miss from your job and any related medical expenses you may have. Bottom line: you could quickly find yourself confronted with an at least $30,000 price tag. Costs can quickly soar beyond this. When a situation is already complex, emotions can ratchet up the intensity, and the length of a divorce. When this process gets dragged out, you can expect the bill to go way, way up.

Consider Uncontested or No-Fault Divorce Instead

It is well worth your time to consider whether or not you and your spouse are excellent candidates for an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania. Not only is this far more cost-effective, but you will also save yourself from needless grief and trauma. But even if you go the mediation or typical uncontested divorce route, you could still be looking at a nearly $10,000 divorce.

And Look at Ways to Save Even More on Divorce Costs

If you need to get on quickly with your life, it does not have to come at such a high cost to you and your family. Neither should you have to sacrifice quality for the sake of your wallet. At Cairn Law Offices, you could have an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney on your case, starting with a free evaluation, and followed with a $209 comprehensive legal solution, our price for a divorce that will be recognized anywhere in the country. If you can find a better price elsewhere, please do let us know, but we are confident that you cannot find a better value anywhere else.

Sound too good to be true? Find out more about our unparalleled services when you call us today! Schedule your free case consultation with an uncontested divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania.

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