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Divorce happens all the time. We see our friends and family members go through it and even if it is the relationship of another couple that is ending, it can hit close to home. That is what one study has been looking at, assessing whether or not divorce is contagious. The team that conducted the research was headed up by Rose McDermott of Brown University. They used information from thousands of people located in Massachusetts. They evaluated three decades worth of information in marriage, divorce and remarriage.

What the study suggested was that those who have a friend or family member who has divorced, may be more likely to get a divorce themselves at some point. For people who had a friend who divorced, they were 75 percent more likely. For those who had a friend of a friend who divorced, they would be 33 percent more likely. The team believes that divorce could be contagious and may affect those who are within two degrees of the situation. While divorce is not a virus that is spreading, sociologist believe that it could be the thoughts, actions and views that spread. Some people may not consider divorce until they see how it worked out for their friend. They may also become more aware of what they want out of the marriage and if they are not getting it when they have a friend who decides that they are unsatisfied in their relationship.

The findings from this research group were based on the data gathered from the Framingham Heart Study. In this study, the risk factors for cardiovascular disease were reviewed. While this was the focus of the research, the close knit ties of residents and the length of the study allowed for further information to be gathered that could be assessed on a sociological level. The study started with 5,209 men and women being interviewed. Next, the second generation of 5,124 people were added to the study group. McDermott and the team took information from the study during 1971 to 2001. They cautioned that this information was not necessarily reflective of the rest of the country.

Further information that the study suggests on divorce is that divorced individuals may be more likely to marry another person who has been divorced. This is just a study and it is important to remember that every situation is unique. If you and your spouse are considering the possibility of divorce, working with a Pennsylvania no Fault divorce attorney may help bring about a solution in a more effective manner. Call our office today and start finding out what your options are. A low cost, timely divorce may be more possible than you would think.

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