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After signing your marital settlement agreement and taking inventory of what property you have left from your marriage, you may realize there are some items you really don't want. Annabel Acton, founder of Never Liked It Anyway, has developed a clever way to getting rid of the old and getting on with the new. Her intention when she started up her company was to give people a place to leave less useful items behind and move onto a fresh new start in their lives.

Actoncreated a website where individuals who have completed their uncontested divorce (and other similar break-ups) can sell their items and potentially use the money for something they actually do want. There have been reports of sellers getting plastic surgery and taking a road trip with the money earned from selling their unwanted items.

The attraction to her website continues to be the stories that go along with the items being sold. For each item listed, the buyer has an opportunity to let the potential buyer know what phase he or she is in, known as the Break-Up Phase.Phases can include "What Break-Up?" and "Still a little fragile."

Sellers have been creative with their titles when selling their items. An original painting was named A New Day at the Cinderella Castle. Another seller who was selling an engagement ring wrote "Better on Your Hand Then Mine".

There is an entire section dedicated to the ending of relationships. The section is titled "Tell It". Stories include those of deception and the feelings of stupidity afterwards. Some tales have happy endings and where sellers have gone on to find more meaningful relationships.

Each item being sold has a real world value. This is the price that you may expect to pay for the item elsewhere. Each item also has a break-up value. Photographs are included of the item, though not all of them are original pictures. In addition, there is a description of the merchandise. If there is a shipping price for the item it will be listed below the "buy it" button.

Divorce items on the website include wedding gowns, engagement rings, art, electronics and even a section for "other stuff". The website can be a great place for bargain shoppers. Some sellers have been so desperate to part with items that they have asked for the potential buyer to make an offer before it goes to a pawn shop or charity.

Should you be interested in purchasing an item you can just message the seller. The buyer will give you instructions on how you can pay for the item through PayPal. Note, that Never Liked It Anyway claims no liability in regards to items listed on their website.

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