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As you transition from being a married parent to a single parent during your uncontested divorce, one of the issues you may want to consider is home safety. You no longer have another adult in the house who serves as an additional safety factor. Now you are the sole person who has to make sure the doors are locked and the garage door is closed before leaving the house.

Statistics show that single parents tend to be victim of a crime more often than a married couple. This is especially true for females. Fathers can also be the target crimes because criminals understand that the father tends to be away from the home due to work related matters. Your home should be a place of comfort and security, and not another stressor in your life.

While you are away from your house you want to give the illusion that your home is occupied. Criminals choose the easiest target first, which includes not having to deal with someone in the house.

Have someone stay in your house while you are away. This could be a pet-sitter who comes at different times of the day. A trusted cleaning service may be another option for when you are gone. Also, if you are going to be gone for a few days or weeks, you may want to find a house-sitter. College students can be an affordable way to find a temporary house sitter.

Installing a home security system can also offer some advantages. With a security sign on your lawn, most burglars will keep look for easier prey. Also, some home insurances will offer a discount if you have a home security system. Packages are available for single parents. Make sure to shop around for packages, discounts and check customer reviews before purchasing a home security system.

Burglars tend to gravitate towards quiet homes. Generally, their goal is to be in and out of the house quickly without confrontation. A family dog is a great way to protect your home against potential intruders. Not only does the dog alert you to someone's presence, but your neighbors also know a stranger is around.

Gravel driveways are great for making noise and tend to be avoided by criminals. An absence of a car can tip of burglars that no one is home. Have a family member stop from time to time to help maintain vigilance on your property. Older family members tend to have more time and might even enjoy planting a few flowers while checking on your home. If you are going to be gone for an extended period, you may want to ask a neighbor to park his or her car in your driveway.

Lighting is also an important element in protecting your home. Think about how you can add lighting to the outside of your home. Light motion detectors are a good way to scare off potential intruders. Not only do they run the risk of being identified, but the act of lights turning on lets you know someone is outside.

Think through your indoor lighting options. A light timer which is well used can help deter a criminal. Don't let a poorly used light timer backfire on you. Place the timers in areas where you might be during the night. For example, put one in the living room during a time you would be watching TV. If the same timer is on at four in the morning, the burglar can figure out it's a light timer.

Keep up the appearance of your house. Criminals will look for homes that are not kept up as well as other surrounding homes. Thieves figure if you don't take the time to make your home look nice, then you probably haven't taken the time to install good locks or an alarm system.

Rethink where you hide your valuables. Too many people are making it easy for burglars to find their valuables. A considerable amount of people still hide their money under the mattress and in sock drawers. Also, valuable jewelry should not be kept in your bedroom. These are the first areas a burglar will check once he’s broken into your home.

Keeping your home safe is also crucial during a single parent vacation. Take some extra steps now will decrease the possibility of an unwanted surprise when you return home. Be careful not to give your home a neglected look with an overgrown lawn and piled up newspapers or mail.

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