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An uncontested divorce will not drag out for years or cost the enormous fees of a contested divorce. Our clients in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, and everywhere in Pennsylvania have saved thousands of dollars by hiring Cairns Law Offices to handle their uncontested, simple, no-fault divorces. An uncontested divorce is amicable in the sense that the couple can work out their divorce issues. Spouses don't have to necessarily like each other, but they can come to an agreement on the areas surrounding their divorce.

This can mean a couple of different things for divorcing spouses. One, they are able to sit down together and work out a marital settlement agreement. Or, they are able to enlist the help of a divorce coach to help them work out any differences that may be holding back their uncontested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, couples agree to leave the past behind them. There is no day in court when you get to tell the judge all the horrible things your spouse has done. Also, your lawyer does not need to know about your dirty laundry. No personal details about your marriage are recorded.

Divorcing couples who seek an uncontested divorce are determined to move on with their lives and minimize the negative effects of a contested divorce on themselves, their family and their finances. Both spouses figure out how to divide custody, property, debts and alimony through negotiating their own settlement agreement. If you and your spouse are going to sign a settlement agreement, you should speak to your attorney for a free guide or read his/her legal blog.

In an uncontested divorce, you still have the right to feel angry, hurt and a whole slew of other emotions. It's beneficial to process your emotional reactions and pain with a health professional, such as a counselor or psychologist. An uncontested divorce does not take away the fact that you will be stressed out and the support of friends and family can be more than helpful.

Counseling allows you to make good decisions as you negotiate your marital settlement agreement with your spouse. Take the opportunity to manage your emotional divorce with a reputable therapist or qualified divorce counselor. Unlike many contested divorces, an uncontested divorce allows for both parties to walk away with less emotional and financial damage.

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