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Clients in Philadelphia or anywhere in Pennsylvania can get a marital settlement agreement prepared and filed by Cairns Law Offices affordably (currently $150), but it's not so in Europe. Recent reports about Veronica Lario state she has negotiated to receive 82,000 to 100,000 Euros a day in her marital settlement agreement. Lario didn't get her marital settlement agreement overnight; apparently it took her three years to get her divorce, per the laws of Italy. After over twenty-two years of marriage Lario gets to keep the luxury home in Milan and nearly 36 million Euros a year.

So who is Veronica Lario? In her single life she worked in some low budget films and dabbled in the theatre. She then married the now former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi has a colorful past including allegedly entering politics to save himself from several convictions and his companies from bankruptcy.

Lario is Berlusconi's second wife whom he married in 1990 after seeing her in a topless play. Berlusconi is infamous for his appreciation of young women. The Lario-Berlusconi marriage has a history of eroding when another woman entered the picture. In the past, Lario has publicly asked for apologies for her husband's behavior.

One of the more well known "demanded apologies" is when Berlusconi flirted with Miss Italy, Mara Carfagna, who Berlusconi gave her the job as Equal Opportunities Minister. The last straw for Lario came due to Berlusconi's alleged sexual interactions with Noemi Letizia, who was seventeen years old at the time. Berlusconi was also spotted at her 18th birthday party. Currently Berlusconi is engaged to a 27 year old named Francesca Pascale.

After ten years of dating, three children and over twenty two years of marriage Lario stated she could no longer stay with a man who engages with minors and asked for a divorce. Due to the fact that the couple was able to work out a marital settlement agreement they asked the court not to place blame for the divorce meaning they had an uncontested divorce. Pennsylvania has similar laws allowing for a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce, and all citizens or Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Erie may obtain an uncontested divorce affordably.

Berlusconi doesn't see himself out of the realm of politics. He is hoping this coming February will be a political comeback during the Italian elections. At the age of 76 Berlusconi is on trial for sex scandals, but does have substantial power since controls the significant private channels in Italy. At one time he was Italy's richest man, he now places 6th in the Forbes rankings.

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