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Kim Kardashian's divorce continues to dominate national headlines. Her alleged unplanned pregnancy is now a question of whether her contested divorce should be rushed or delayed. The marriage which lasted only seventy two days has ended up being a highly contested divorce already lasting over one year.

Kardashian has been animate about quickly divorcing Kris Humphries, her husband. She has stated that she does not want to be married to him when her child is born. Also, the father of the baby is not Humphries, but belongs to her boyfriend rapper Kanye West.

A recent spin in the pregnancy came about when Kardashian's doctor stated that her divorce is putting her unborn child in jeopardy. Her doctor has stated that a risk due to stress appears to be posed due to prolonging the divorce proceedings. The diagnosis came about when Kardashian visited her doctor in the middle of the night due to severe pains she was experiencing. In addition, her medical doctor believes if Kardashian does not handle her stress well there could be long term effects.

Studies have demonstrated that prenatal maternal stress may have a negative impact on an unborn child. Stress exposure during pregnancy has shown to negatively account for variances in a child's productive and receptive language abilities. The greater the stress levels during pregnancy can result in even poorer language abilities. Current scientific hypothesis states that high levels of stress may negatively impact the brain development of a fetus. This could result in lower language and intellectual levels.

Marshall Waller, Kris Humphries' divorce attorney, has publicly stated that the pregnancy is being used to try to gain litigation advantage in the divorce between the couple. In addition, Waller went on to say that Humphries did not have anything to do with the pregnancy. Waller also questioned why Kardashian would get pregnant in the middle of a divorce.

Delays in obtaining the final divorce decree have included the couple's inability to agree on how to end the marriage. Kris Humphries has wanted an annulment stating that Kardashian married him under false pretenses and the marriage should be treated as fraud. Laura Wasser, Kardashian's attorney, denies Humphries' allegations and has stated an official divorce is what is being sought.

In addition, the timing of a possible court trial date is causing conflict. Wasser is trying to set a date in March. The timing might exclude Humphries from attending the trial due to his conflicting NBA schedule. According to court records Humphries may not be available for a trial until May or June. The baby is expected in July.

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