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Allen Iverson, eleven-time NBA All-Star, has recently found himself in an avalanche of bad news. The latest headlines read of allegations made by his ex-divorce attorney. Allegedly Iverson currently owes Attorney Johnathan Levine over $60,000.

Levine is suing Iverson for hours he put into his divorce case during 2012. Iverson's divorce was settled just this past January, but Levine has already placed a lien against Iverson. Apparently, Levine quit representing Iverson due to an inability to communicate with him.

If Iverson doesn't pay his attorney promptly, Attorney Levine has the option of going after Iverson's assets. The million dollar question is What happens if Iverson is broke?. In his recent divorce settlement agreement with now ex wife Tawanna, Iverson was ordered to pay an estimated three million dollars as part of the divorce settlement agreement. Furthermore,Iverson had several restrictions imposed on him by the divorce court due to his gambling and alcohol addiction.

Iverson cannot see his children until he demonstrates he has spent eighteen months alcohol-free. The judge also order him to enroll in AA. In addition, he has a court order stating he must see a psychiatrist.

Shortly after the finalization of his divorce, Iverson found himself facing the foreclosure on his mansion, which was lost to an auction. The outstanding mortgage owed on the mansion was estimated at 1.2 million dollars. The bank purchased the 4.5 million dollar home for 2.5 million dollars.

This was not the first time Iverson found himself in financial trouble involving his home. His mansion in Pennsylvania was on the market for three years at 6.3 million dollars. Eventually the mansion was sold for 2.6 million in 2010.

During his fourteen year career Iverson earned over 158 million dollars. Reports have stated that Iverson has blown the fortune he has made during his professional career. Iverson is not new to difficult times and has a history of troubles with the law.

Iverson has an extensive list of not abiding by the law. Some of the incidents include:

  1. Convicted as felon during a racial riot;
  2. Banned from Bally's in Atlantic City because he urinated in a trash can;
  3. Banned from casinos in Detroit;
  4. His bodyguard convicted of beating up Jason Kane, leaving him with: a torn rotator cuff, a concussion, ruptured eardrum and a ruptured blood vessel in his eye;
  5. Carrying a concealed weapon; and
  6. Possession of marijuana.

On the bright side, someone did want Iverson. The Maverick's D-League affiliate, Texas Legends, extended Iverson an offer to play for the team.

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