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The summer 2012 Olympic opening ceremony has already passed into the records of history. This year a total of thirty-five Olympians from Pennsylvania headed to London. Olympic hopefuls range from Kobe Bryant (basketball) born in Philadelphia, to fifty year old archery team leader Cindy Bevilacqua from Middletown.

Many Olympian stars have had every moment of their triumphs and losses covered. Coverage does not stop at the games, but also spills over into their personal lives with love, marriage and divorce. Steve Ovett is remembered for spelling out the letters I- L-Y, signifying I love you, in the air to his then girlfriend Rachel Waller. Twenty-four years and four children later, the couple found themselves divorcing one another.

And who could get forget two time Olympian champion Tonya Harding, who also divorced twice. At the age of twenty-two her first divorce ended after three years of marriage to Jeff Gilooly. Both Harding and Gilooly decided to have an uncontested divorce. Harding alleged her husband was violent and abusive. In 1995 she divorced her second husband Michael Smith. Btw, if you are wondering whatever happened to Harding – she is now a commentator on TruTv for World's Dumbest Criminals.

Lilia Podkopayeva, 1996 Ukrainian gymnast champion known as Queen Podkopayeva, for her flawless technical skills and graceful artistic expression, divorced Timofei Nagorny in 2009. Podkopayeva has been recognized as the person who initiated the divorce; in the United States, women are typically the spouse seeking a divorce. At the time of Podkpayeva's divorce, blogs were alleging that her divorce was not amicable. Podkopayeva was bad mouthing Nagorny in front of the children and was refusing to let her ex see the kids - even employing a guard to stop him.

Alpine skier and U.S. Olympian gold medal winner in 2010, Lindsey Vonn surprised the world with her divorce announcement. She and her spouse, Thomas Vonn, who had become her coach and manger during their marriage, battled out the divorce due to no pre-nuptial agreement. Lindsey Vonn spent countless hours going over divorce papers instead of celebrating her continued victories.

Sadly, divorces happen. If Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte ever get married, we wish them the very best. If they ever do need a Pennsylvania divorce and their spouse is cooperatvie, then they can get an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce affordably and easily. They won't have to waste unending hours trying to figure out legal divorce paperwork. Attorney James Cairns offers you the same affordable uncontested divorce, and you can save money and time with Cairns Law Offices.

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